Spyware Doctor and Comodo Time Machine

Recently Installed Comodo Time Machine.Soon after Spyware Doctor detected the Backdoor.Ceckno piece of malware on my system which is Windows XP Service pack 3.I quarantined the malware but after a reboot I was unable to access or right click the Comodo Time Machine tray icon.
After restoring the quarantined files (78 in all) and a reboot I was able to access and right click the Comodo Time Machine tray icon again.Has anyone experienced this problem.It seems obvious that the files flagged as malware are in some way belonging to Comodo Time Machine but I have almost exactly the same program,Rollback RX on a Vista machine and Spyware Doctor didn’t find any malware there.Greatly appreciate any feedback

Spyware Doctor this time has made a mistake, and we will contact with Spyware Doctor to solve the problem.
Thanks for your feedback.


I reproduced your problem and it is Spyware Doctor’s fault to consider some CTM files as malware. We will contact to Spyware Doctor and resolve this problem. Thank you for your feedback!

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Thanks to the Comodo Team for their Excellent Support as well as The Excellent Products that they Produce.And all for Free.Great work guys

What a horrible response.

Enjoy CTM! :slight_smile: