Spreading the word to avoid comodo

I absolutely hate companies that allows their products to be force installed with other software. I installed cutepdf, made sure i opted out on all options and after installation i had some comodo window popping up. I have no idea what comodo is, never heard of it. An application that is installed on a computer without the users consent is considered maleware. Why are you doing this? Because of this i will warn people and tell them to avoid this company. I guess the reason you allow this is that a lot of people who get the program forced into their computer do not know how to remove it, and you profit from their lack of knowledge.

Could you provide us with a link to that installer so we can check it?

What Comodo product do you have installed? If you have CIS installed you may have seen the Comodo Message Center box pop up. You can disable this behaviour.

Why would you blame Comodo when presumably it was the Cutepdf installer that did this? Besides, if it wasn’t Comodo, it would be someone else. You should look into Unchecky. It will help you keep those extra unwanted piggyback softwares off your computer in the future. I use it.

I agree, conclusions are so easy to jump to.
The title is unfair until such time evidential specifics are provided.

@OP - Give your system a fresh wipe (considering you’re one of those people who install a lot of stuff) and for future reference, only install security software, updates, and important dependencies from verified sources, all the rest like CutePDF, Media Players, P2P Clients, install them in Sandboxie/compatible sandboxed environment and transfer the installed directory over to your directory of choice within your main system so you then have a portable version of the software (no modified registry keys (some modify upon startup see below), logs, directories, blah blah blah). You can sometimes extract installers using 7-zip/WinRAR to create portable versions without the need to install under a sandboxed environment. Honestly, I prefer having a separate partition for my entertainment media, and third-party portable software (which I do run in a sandboxed environment or within a VM (depends on what it is) even after creating the portable version).

Regards, R1776.

All totally unnecessary

Many times if you don’t download a program directly from the vendor’s site, you also have to accept a “download manager”. Those things almost always include the extra bundled software you would not get from the actual vendor. There are exceptions of course. Many free offerings, including Adobe Flash and others will have an opt out option for additional things. CutePDF’s site claims that you get no adware or spyware bundled in their products.

Comodo itself only offers the option to use Yahoo as a home page and search engine. It’s other optional things are all made by Comodo itself. I have never seen or heard of any software bundling any of Comodo’s offerings in their installer. People here would have to try the installer you used themselves to see what’s going on.

I guess he may have caught himself some nasty malware rather than anything “Comodo-related” by having downloaded the alleged CutePDF installer from a rogue site?

Kind regards, REBOL.

Without input from the user it is not clear what the problem is.

Comodo popped up during installation of CutePDF. He states he does not what Comodo is. Comodo does not partner with CutePDF. On that assumption I think CIS may be installed on his system but he states he doesn’t know about anything Comodo installed…