Spotify.exe > Falsepositive "Heur.Suspicious"

Spotify.exe is detected as Heur.Suspicious!

Product site: Spotify - Web Player: Music for everyone < Need an invite to download the software though :-\

Name of detection: Heur.Suspicious[at]19392093

Virus sig database number: 1177

Edit: It was the real-time scanner that detected spotify,
realtime scanner is set to On Access, and Heuristics level is set to Medium.

Spotify is a music player !-)

Hope you can fix this ASAP!

Cheers, J_G

Hi J_G,

We will get back to you after investigation

-Chandra Mohan

Heur.Suspicious for me too, during a scan. Medium heuristic level.

No need for invitation to download and install Spotify, however, you need an account to login to the program.

Same problem here as well, only started today.

Is there any further news why spotify is being deleted due virus ident. Do we have any indication when it might be fixed.

Hi Leoni A ,

I got the Heuristics on Medium as well, only diff is that it was the real-time scanner that detected Spotiy for me !-).

Idk wich level the other persons got the Heuristics on.

Cheers, J_G

WOW McAfee ALSO detects malware inside of spotify.exe! True or Not?? :o

Edit: Now it seems that McAfee confirms that it was an FP after all ;D

Now let’s hope that Comodo can confirm that it indeed is an FP as well :wink:

Cheers, J_G

Same here.
C:/Program/Spotify/Spotify.exe - Heur.Suspicious@19691588.

Deleted it by misstake, have to install it again but i wait until theres more info here.


Thank you for your submission. We have found the false positive and will be fixed in the subsequent updates.


Will the uninstaller (Uninstall.exe) be fixed? Heur.Suspicious@19848844

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi JoWa,

We have found the false positive and shall be fixed in the next update.

Thanks and Regards,


Spotify.exe is ok now, Comodo updated. Still warning on Uninstall.exe and something called Au_.exe in temp (when i try to uninstall Spotify).

Heur.Suspicious@19848844 is what i get from Uninstall.exe, i also get this in a Au_.exe in Temp when i try to Uninstall Spotify.

How can FPs be fixed when they are triggered by heuristics, not signatures?

I would suspect white list.

Makes sense! :-La

Is this “repaired” yet?

Yes. :wink:

Looks okey now.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Reported FP has been fixed.

Please verify with DB 1211.

Thanks and Regards,