SPLIT OT's: New Avatar

…no one can possibly have missed your two avatars Soya. :smiley:
I think you had one for a very short while, now two - it’s like you’re collecting cards (or stamps)?!

Me, I like my current avatar, but will probably change… I also whish to make something bizarre, something odd. But I guess the most odd things are made by those who don’t even intended to make it bizarre, in the first place. Never a good thing to try too hard!


ps. Soya, I’m waiting for more animations from you :wink:

I intended to put in a third one, but then some members might hate me for slowing down their web page loading times (:WIN)

True. Not an issue for me, but maybe others. But hey, what about smaller sizes? Once you had a 64*64 (I think everybody does) avatar to the left?

Now I’ll change to another Comodoian style avatar… 8)

64 x 64 is the down-sized dimension for avatars that are url’d to other websites. Hence, to show the original size of 100x100, I had to place them in my signature. This also allows me to show off more than 1 avatar :D. But then again, members have the ability to disable viewing others’ signatures.

Lars, you should set one bigger than 64 x 64. Since you uploaded yours, the max is 85 x 64.

Ah, thanks for the tip. I thought 64x64 was the max. The next one will be 85x64 then. A project for tomorrow…


edit: not tomorrow, but now.

But if you put it in your avatar in your sig (if you know how), I don’t think there’s a real limit :smiley:

No problems with slowing things down Soya… Adblock Plus sorted both of them out. :wink:

Thanks a lot for coming out. (:WAV) I’ll just have to make you add more to your blocking list then.

Then maybe the forum users will see LeoniAquila having a 800 x 600 avatar soon, GIF animated!!! LOL!


(no, I’ll stick with this anonymous avatar for a couple of days now…)

kail, LOL :wink:

Thank you kail! Only after your post I rembered that Opera’s nice content blocking feature might as well work for highly distracting avatars. And guess what, it works :slight_smile:

Soya: No offense intended. It’s just hard to read postings when there is all that flashing in the viewfield.

No problems. I even use Opera’s ad blocker to block most of the content on this forum so that it’s slicker.

I’ve found talking to yourself increases your post count. ;D

Or posting in the wrong places, forcing me to move them… 88)

Ha, I’m not that kind of guy anymore, trying to get many posts! :o 88) :slight_smile:
I was, up to 200 or 300 (don’t remember). Currently I’m just fascinated by this thread…


(yes, this is #388, soon 400 ;D)

No it doesn’t! >:(

See? ;D

Soya, yea… who was that who posted that if you didn’t know where to post then post into the CEOs section & Soya would put it in the right place…? I think we should “progress” that idea of a Sin Bin board. :slight_smile:


About posts, sometimes you guys just write “+1” and nothing else. Do you address “one more post” for a certain forum user, or something completely different?

(LA +1 post)


That is very good candidate for a sin bin Soya. 8)

LA… +1… we do?

edit: Voting maybe?

Well, I know I’ve seen it. Perhaps from Soya, and/or Little Mac. Browsed through some OT threads though without finding anything… (searching didn’t really work).



You two are confusing me. What is a sin bin and what do you mean by +1, like what it means? +1 means the poster agrees with the previous post and instead of repeating/quoting what was typed, it’s shorter.

Ok, now we’re hijacking My Little Pony’s thread. Sorry about that :-[