Split / Bug Report

ok. I dont know how to explain but lets try:

  • fresh installed win 7 pro sp1 x64 (all updates to date);
  • installed latest cis rtm;
  • disabled file source tracking;

Now the issue: some files, when I try to copy or move from my computer to my pendrive (in ntfs and/or in fat32 too), with some files I get a message from windows telling me that the files has no proprieties and this could cause problems.

When moving these files to another partition (usb sick to hdd or hdd to usb stick, with usb stick in fat32 and/or in ntfs) they all go but without its proprieties. Now some of these files got broken by it and these broken fils can no longer be extracted, executed, etc.

Doing the same test in an vm with the same win 7 source for install but without cis I can make the moves between partitions without loosing file proprieties and therefore without breaking the files.

Some files tested in the both scenarios:

  • 7-zip installer;
  • Microsoft Office 2013 x86 ISO;
  • Tomb Raider (game) ISO;
  • Street Fighter 4 (game) ISO;
  • CIS (latest rtm) exe;
  • Microsoft .NET framework offline installer for 4.5.1;
  • XnViw .ZIP package;
  • Multiple songs MP3 format;
  • Multiple multimidia files in MKV, MP4 and AVI formats;
  • Multiple images files in JPG, PNG and PSD formats;
  • some other files from installers to zip/rar/7z packages.

At first I was thinking that it could be a bad blocked/damaged usb stick, bug I tried the same stick with Linux Mint and HDD Regenerator and no problem was found and linux os runs smooth as live image from this stick. Not satisfied, I bought another sandisk cruzeblade usb stick with 32gb of mass storage and I got the same results as posted above.

How can I colllect important data so I can provide a good pack of informations for a proper bug report?

You can view steams data of a file that causes trouble by using Streams - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn, for example. Do note that streams data is lost when you involve FAT32. Please provide a screenshot of output.
(It would be great if you could check it with version 10 BETA.)

You can disable file source tracking under sandbox settings here: Configure Rules for Auto-Sandbox, Sandbox Security Software | internet Security do note that this only applies to 8.4 as CIS 10 beta no longer makes use of ADS for file origin tracking.

Hi vitim,
Are you using Dropbox at all?
If yes, the external links below maybe of some interest.
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Kind regards.