splash screen

is there anyway to stop the splash screen when my laptop is booting into windows?an option or a reg tweak somewhere?

pc live support team,you guys(devs)really need to do something about the splash screen when windows is booting mainly on the laptop.its very annoying.it takes forever to disappear.make an option to hide it!

I agree, it’s rather annoying, and makes it look like if the program takes forever to load. Also, since the last couple updates, LivePCsupport seems to contact and agent on its own, without user interaction, particularly when booting up Windows, I think it happens if it detects a service timing out.

An agent named George, told me it could be a bug and that it will be fixed on next release / update. I hope it doesn’t take forever.

Thank you

i uninstalled it for now as i cant take that splash screen anymore.i hope they do something about it?i always got a error popup from pclivesupport when booting about windows search timing out .

Thanks for your feedback on the splash screen. We are going to have our dev team work on this for the next build. As for the application contacting the service on its own, that is something that should be resolved since the latest release.

Thanks for your continued feedback everyone. We want to make sure the GeekBuddy/LPS service is the best it can be, and this depends upon great recommendations and comments from your guys!

Team Comodo

thats good to hear about the splash screen.are geekbuddy and livepcsupport different apps?i was under the impression that lpcsupport was renamed geekbuddy?