SPF update

Greetings denizens of the IT underworld,

Seems there are a handful of domains that occasionally struggle with being able to deliver outbound email when using our outbound filtering. If you are filtering outbound mail through Antispam Gateway please ensure your SPF records contain syntax resembling ‘<v=spf1 include:_spf.spamgateway.comodo.com ~all>’.


Should there be some way I can verify this? nslookup is telling me the domain doesn’t exist when I search for the txt records.

Mxtoolbox.com has a SPF checker (SPF Check & SPF Lookup - Sender Policy Framework (SPF) - MxToolBox) as does M’soft and SPFwizard.net (http://www.spfwizard.net)

Alternatively PM me your record and I’ll check it from here


Can you test out domain for spf records. My domain is akstainsaat.com

SPF for akstainsaat.com says:-


this is wrong, it should be

v=spf1+a+mx+ip4: include:_spf.spamgateway.comodo.com ~all


Thank you. :-TU

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Can you please check the SPF record for lotus7.club

its configured as

v=spf1 include:_spf.spamgateway.comodo.com ~all

but get the following error message when checking

SPF record lookup and validation for: lotus7.club
SPF records are published in DNS as TXT records.

The TXT records found for your domain are:
v=spf1 include:_spf.spamgateway.comodo.com ~all

Checking to see if there is a valid SPF record.

Found v=spf1 record for lotus7.club:
v=spf1 include:_spf.spamgateway.comodo.com ~all

Results - PermError SPF Permanent Error: No valid SPF record for included domain: _spf.spamgateway.comodo.com: include:_spf.spamgateway.comodo.com

Should the include be _spf.spamgateway.comodo.com or _spf.antispamgateway.comodo.com

Amazing, it looks like nobody answered you in over a year!

I just figured this one out myself by poking around with SPF Query Tool and putting the include in the first test group.

_spf.spamgateway.comodo.com - the one recommended in this thread - is invalid.

_spf.antispamgateway.comodo.com - seems to work, resolves to:
v=spf1 include:_net.antispamgateway.comodo.com ~all
_net.antispamgateway.comodo.com - resolves to:
v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ip4: ~all

Thank you came to same answer as you but STILL no reply from Comodo.

Support is getting worse and if the 9th Oct move goes wrong I will be moving all my clients as not going through all that s**t again after a TESTED change goes wrong with something that was not tested or blaming someone else.