Speedbit Video Downloader

Why can’t I simply use “speedbit video downloader” without installing Google Chrome. I always have to install Google Chrome, just to use speedbit video downloader.

Hi kaiaphas,
Try disabling Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header) if you have it enabled.
Options, Under the hood, Privacy.

Thank you for your response. I will try this on once I installed CD on other workstations. I Will be updating this. Cheers…

I recently fresh formatted a unit and installed CD then Speedbit Video Downloader and by default Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header) is not enabled but still Speedbit Video Downloader do not work with CD and even on dragon://settings/extensions it does not appear. I tried re-installing Speedbit Video Downloader a couple of times but still with the same result.

Installed CD first then Speedbit Video Downloader (without Google Chrome installed)




dragon://settings/extensions with Speedbit Video Downloader (from other workstation) with Google Chrome installed, just to make Speedbit Video Downloader works ???


Thanks for posting back Kaiaphas,
This is strange that Chrome needs to be installed for Dragon to recognise an extension.
Sorry that I have no idea why, I have asked the other Mods to take a look at this topic.

CD was unable to recognize SPEEDbit Video Downloader extension. On dragon://settings/extensions SPEEDbit Video Downloader is missing. From my previous installation just to make SPEEDbit Video Downloader work on CD I have to install Google Chrome, but I want to make SPEEDbit Video Downloader work without installing Google Chrome. In this process I installed CD then SPEEDbit Video Downloader, now how to make SPEEDbit Video Downloader working on CD. (NOTE: Google chrome is not installed.)

[QUOTE]Maybe on upcoming updates of CD, this extension will be recognize on installation.
Here are the steps:

Figure 1 Open C:\Program Files\SPEEDbit Video Downloader\Chrome you will find DownloaderChrome.crx

Figure 1


Figure 2 Select and Hold DownloaderChrome.crx and Drag and Release on CD.

Figure 2


Figure 3 Confirm file: Click Continue

Figure 3


Figure 4 Confirm New Extension: Click ADD

Figure 4


Figure 5 Confirmation SPEEDbit Video Downloader Extension has been added to Dragon

Figure 5


Figure 6 dragon://settings/extensions

Figure 6


Figure 7 Test

Figure 7


aaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh!!! Having a problem with CD ver 19.0 :cry: