Speed increase for PrivDog

Just wanted to clarify how surfing speed is improved with PrivDog.
The reason why i am clarifying it because some people think internet speed is only related to the size of the content.
Its not!

When you go to a site, if they have ads, that means your browser is connecting to these 3rd party webservers. Never mind the unwanted connection, the speed in which this connection is established will influence the load speed of the page. So by getting rid off connection to 3rd party unwanted sites, you drastically improve the surfing speed. Of course an ad blocker will do the same thing…but nowadays adblockers are allowing some “sites” to show ads and allowing you to connect to unwanted 3rd parties.

So Privdog becomes a pretty good application that provides the max surf speed. We are continiually coming up with new ways to improve the speed and security while enhancing privacy…

Empowering our users is in our DNA. We will always give you tools that empowers you with choice!

It does increase speed in Dragon and Chrome but the IE beta greatly reduces browsing speed.

Well sure you get rid of those connections, but you also have to factor in the processing needed for PrivDog to do its job, which on slower computers but with better Internet could potentially slow browsing down, I think? Edit: Flawed hypothesis for the purpose of playing devils advocate. ;D

As someone with a generally good computer and good Internet I don’t really notice any difference in browsing speed (However if I change my DNS to Comodo SecureDNS browsing will be slow :slight_smile:

Oh and also, sometimes the rest of a website won’t load either until the ad is displayed or it times out, example of this is dn.se, it doesn’t always happen but it does sometimes, which makes browsing slower. 88)

We will be launching a comparison site soon…this way you can in realtime check the speed for a website with and without PrivDog…you will be surprised at the speed increase!

ps: the processing power is required is much less than processing power required to make connections…so its a positive gain…plus not waiting on connection…its double gain…

My carpenter’s eye, as we say in Dutch, is not convinced at all. Your objection seems highly theoretical.

As someone with a generally good computer and good Internet I don't really notice any difference in browsing speed (However if I change my DNS to Comodo SecureDNS browsing will be slow :-\)
I cannot vouch for Privdog but on my not underpowered desktop, AMD Phenom II 4 GB DDR3 RAM, on Opera browser I noticed the difference when I installed Ghostery while using Fanboy's adblock list (not blocking trackers).
Oh and also, sometimes the rest of a website won't load either until the ad is displayed or it times out, example of this is dn.se, it doesn't always happen but it does sometimes, which makes browsing slower. 88)
May be the web site was set up like that. What browser(s) and website(s) is this happening with?

Yes, I was playing devils advocate with a hypothesis, I thought that was obvious. =3 However the hypothesis was flawed since I forgot to factor in that the connections also need to be processed and that it’s not only the broadband connection that determines it. :stuck_out_tongue: (Sometimes I can’t word things in the way I want, that earlier post was one of those times so I end up sending it anyway)

There probably is a difference on my end too, but it’d be milliseconds which isn’t that important to me, I only care about the privacy (unless we’re talking several seconds) :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really visit many websites so I’ve only noticed this behaviour on dn.se however it doesn’t always happen, in fact it doesn’t happen often at all, but sometimes the page only loads up the ‘advertisement’ area and then stops there for a few seconds and then loads the rest of the page, only tried with Google Chrome and Comodo Dragon. (I’ve had this “issue” on that site ever since I started using ad blocking, not just with PrivDog)

Unrelated: www.dn.se will sometimes redirect you to www.dn.se/FullpageAD/ and since PrivDog (I assume it’s PrivDog) blocks the content there (only a white page now) (Edit: Wasn’t privdog, was ghostery) there is no way other than removing the “fullpagead/” from the url to get back to the main page; so do you know of a way to locally on the machine automatically redirect that page to the normal homepage? I’ve tried looking for extensions for this purpose without luck and when searching for it I can only find guides for different websites involving ip-addresses.
Edit: I meant a way of generally redirecting a sub-page of a domain to the homepage, not a solution specifically made for that website. :stuck_out_tongue:

The site speed increase is more noticeable recently for some sites.

IMO it appears as if PrivDog has improved at getting the site content delivered fully, before any AdTrustMedia content starts. :-TU

Users come first…ALWAYS!!!


I cannot confirm as I am still using the old Opera browser… :wink:


Whitelist Ad, Blacklist Ad is Good idea. :-TU
But… Basically all people they don’t want ADs. ;D ;D ;D

So… Many people are using AD-Block App. (in google chrome) :-*
Privdog is needed a more differentiated service. (ex: reputation guard…)

Hi Gaige,
PrivDog is completely different to a conventional ad-blocker.
If everyone was to block all ads, internet browsing would change dramatically.
Visiting free sites would be almost a thing of the past.

PrivDog is primarily designed to filter ads, only allowing trustworthy, safe, secure privacy and appropriate advertising.
The AdTrustMedia team are using a sanitizing process to achieve this and remove all found offending advertising.
PrivDog continues to allow trusted ads, this allows the advertisers to continue collecting revenue.
All the while making browsing safer, faster and creating a better experience for all users.
PrivDog appears to have improved at allowing site content to load before advertising content, which results in a smoother faster site loading.
Would have been much easier to build an adblocker without caring for Publishers

I am a little lost as to what relation a ‘Reputation Guard’ has to PrivDog?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

excellent summary, one small addition. Privdog removes the threat of your computer connecting to many 3rd party servers to download ads. It handles it all from one trusted source, this makes it much faster and safer.

For example: when i connected to cnn.com privdog stopped
-11 ad networks (eg: connecting to many 3rd party servers that I didn’t ask to be connected to)
-5 trackers (these are actual trackers trying to “see” what i do and some of them sell this data to anyone who pays for it
-1 third party widget…could be doing all of the above…
-3 statistics trackers…tracking your behavior on the web…

Privdog empowers end users with technology so that they can protect themselves from “Privacy Bandits”


Thanks Melih, also thanks for the additional information and example. :-TU

Finally, I understood. ;D
Many thanks. ;D
The comparison is my mistake. I’m sorry. :cry:

You are welcome and no apology required. :-TU