specifically about aztech adsl305ew modem router

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i just bought a new notebook and borrowed my friend’s aztech adsl305ew router modem. i’m new to computing ??? and i was introduced to comodo firewall by my friend who is also a member of this forum. i installed the beta but everytime i port scan with grc.com it says all my ports are closed and my port 21 and 80 are open :o !!. this worries me coz i know pc ports shouldn’t be open or closed and must be stealthed. my friend tried to search for some aid from this forum and google it but there isn’t anything specifically for my modem router model. according to his findings that the ports scan result are from my router modem and not comodo firewall cos the router modem responded first. i tried to search for the manual and help files for my router modem but its an obsolete model and i can’t find any guide to tweak my router modem firewall settings.

i hope someone using a similar modem router or has experience with this modem router can offer me some help. i don’t feel my pc is secured when i see the results of grc.com and i really wish to see a full “stealth” result. please someone help me to achieve it. :cry:

Hi, not sure if logging into the router is the same on all brands or not, but have you tried typing into the address field of your browser?
What does cpf logs show after the port scans?

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If you point your browser at


you’ll be able to view the manual for this router. Please bear in mind thatif someone else has previously owned this router, it may not be set to the defaults. If they don’t want it back, you could search through the above link for instructions on how to hard reset it back to factory defaults.

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Ewen :slight_smile:

thanks, i log in to my modem router with the ip i didn’t actually look into the CPF logs cos i don’t think i will understand what it means. ;D


thanks for your link. i finally found a guide for this modem router! i tried to search briefly for the firewall configuration but there isn’t any.

i read a post earlier about port forwarding all ports to a static ip so that the modem router will not respond to grc.com and direct everything to my notebook and let CPF to respond. i tried to explore the “port forward” in my router modem option but i was given this;

ID public port private port port type host IP address
( 1 ) ( ) ( ) tcp/udp ( ) [Add this setting]

grc.com scans for 1026 ports, am i suppose to update all ports in here one by one? :o

Hmmm… All routers are different, but yours appears to only support port forwarding on nominated individual ports, rather than being able to define a range of ports. Check the documentation for anything on “port ranges” or similar terminology.

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Hi Ewen,

I read the manual thoroughly but I can’t find any “port ranges” configuration. However, there’s an option called “Route Table” that I wasn’t sure if its similar to “port ranges”. It reads,

Route Table Configuration:
Destination Netmask Gateway
( ) ( ) () Specify IP ( )
() Select Interface ( )

*Destination: This field allows the user to enter the remote network or host IP address for the static routing.
*Netmask: This fiels allows the user to enter the subnet mask for the static routing.
*Gateway: This fields allows the user to enter the IP address of the gateway device that allows the router to contact the remote network or the host for Specified IP or select an Interface for the Gateway.

Many thanks for your advice. (:SHY)