Spam, Spam, Spam Sp.........

I’m not sure where to go with this topic… hope I’m in the right place. :-\

I just bought a new machine and I’m trying to secure it with “freebies”.

Does anyone know of a GOOD (i.e.excellant) Free Anti-Spam program that will be compatible with Vista and a 64 bit machine? I find several with sys. requirements for 32 bit but I’m striking out on the 64 bit. (:SAD)

All help appreciated… Grayghost :THNK


My little input. I had similar problem with annoying spam. Then set up GMail account and configured it to collect letters from other mail servers. Till then almost no spam (0-3 letters/month). And no worries about system requirements (x64 compatibility etc.) as web browser is convinient enough to access and use GMail.

Thank you for your “little input”… This was something I did not consider (because I know nothing about GMail or any other programs of this nature… I know how to run a user friendly program and get around within the computer, but not too much else), but it is worth considering and adding to my “research list”. Nothing is for sure yet, so I’m still open for other inputs to my issue.

I do appreciate you taking the time to respond and you’ve give me another avenue to explore! :-\

Thanks - Grayghost

No problem :slight_smile:

As for GMail i proposed it because of extremely convinient writing of letters: it’s not like trying hard to type something in small window (like some mail providers offer when accessing their servers through web-interface). GMail offers convinient text editor in full-screen mode.

Thanks again,

Like I mentioned, I can run a user friendly programs and I can get around within a machine (I know how to check the event viewer, services, etc. etc. etc.), but I don’t have a clue about what it all means! I haven’t strayed away from my Outlook Express and My Optimum Online ISP, so things like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. are foreign to me. Where do I go and what do I need to do to open a Gmail account? Okay everyone, go ahead and laugh… he knows how to get around (somewhat) within his computer, but doesn’t know how to apply for Gmail!!!.. I do things backwards… I eat dessert before the meal too… it’s the best part of the meal, why miss it if you’re full ? !!! ;D

Grayghost (:NRD) :THNK :Beer

Go to and “sign in”. It’s very easy.

Thank you.

After all of this, plus another posting in a differnt place on this site and a few emails, I’m going to solve this issue by returning the machine! (:AGY) (:CLP) :THNK :BNC

I did not want Vista to begin with but it seems that all the new computers (at least in this area) only come with it… I l (:LOV) this XP PRO, but I figured that maybe I should catch up with the times. I didn’t realize the 64 bit problem and the fact that I might have to re-buy some software programs and pay strict attention to new purchases. Now I’m hearing through the grapevine that XP will have a new Service Pack to cover a bunch of things and that Vista could possibly be going by the wayside becuase it hasn’t lived up to it’s expectations, etc. I think I’d be happy with that… I’m not a computer ‘geek’ but I’ve heard soooooooooo much bad stuff about Vista from way too many people (people that know what their doing, including IT’s for major companies) and they all can’t be wrong. I guess there are people out there that will praise it and I’m not about to bash their beliefs… to each his/her own.

By returning the machine and finding a 32 bit, I can then start using all of the Comodo freebies and be able to proudly use one of these… (R) (V) (S) (B)

Thanks for all your time and help… I will check out the Gmail because I do need the ability to send larger emails (with photos). With my current ISP, I can send about 8 Mbs at a time and I’m getting tired of sending 3 or 4 separate emails just to send a few photos.

I’ll be hanging on the sidelines watching, listening and learning… :Beer Grayghost

This is a nice trick; anyway you first have to
“Switch to standard view” in order to access this feature.

I didn’t know, i had “standard without chat” view as default and didn’t change it, and everything works great :-TU