spam mail

Maybe I just don’t understand this product but is a consumer really waiting for a product which needs the receiver to approve the mailadress?
I just want to receive my email and tell if it is spam or not.

Hi SecurityManiac,

This product doesn’t quite work that way. Admittedly, I am waiting for the next version so I’m not using it at the moment. Comodo Anti-spam uses an sender Authentication process. The sender has to reply with the Key in the automatic email that is sent out. It’s like a bounceback.This option can be turned off and any email not from someone in your safe list is automatically quarantined and you would have to add them to your safelist manually.


So I understand it right. I really don’t think this will work for the consumermarket. But will next version be otherwise?

The current version is stable enough and would work for the consumer market, some people are experiencing one or two issues but a number of bugs were fixed in the release earlier this year…

I think it’s worth giving it a go…

Sorry if that’s a bit vague, it’s early in the morning…