Source of BSOD's found

I finally managed to track down the source of my BSOD’s.

I have a tape streamer from Onstream, a company that is alas no longer with us. The software that came with the streamer to control it and to perform backups/restores was called Echo.

I still had Echo installed on my Vista Ultimate system, though I didn’t use the streamer.

I’ve suffered from BSOD’s related to an active Defense+ ever since the first alpha version, which could only be resolved by setting Defense+ to disabled. If I didn’t do this the system would crash as soon as Vista was booting to the desktop.

This however did not cure the BSOD’s, it just postponed the moment when they would occur. Since no minidumps where created during these BSOD’s it was hard to track down the problem source.

With the last beta version of CPF 3.0 my system would run for a day and then BSOD on me.

Anyway, because I now backup to a USB harddisk (faster and about 20x the space of one of the Onstream tapes) I decided to remove the drive and deinstall the Echo software (version 3.7).

Since that time my system was extremely stable (uptime was 3 days, which it never reached with the last beta), so I decided to reenable Defense+ and restart my system.

And what do you know, my system could boot to the desktop without any problems.

This probably means that the Echo software (a special OEM version of the 1Safe backup software created for Onstream) was the culprit.

If any of the devs want to look into the reasons why this software was causing these problems, they can PM me and I will provide them with the installer for the version I was running.

For me this issue is now resolved.

bloody hell…!! (:CLP)

welldone to you for finding this though PJK :slight_smile:

I sent the link to our dev team to see if they want to take it to next level or not with this bug…