Source Adress & Destination Adress

Hi !

I am confused about the Network Control Rule :

does the tab “Source Adress” means my PC source adress or the adress of an outside PC ?

And the tab “Destination Adress” is it for my PC or an outside PC ?

I am really confused !

Source adress : from my PC to an outside PC ? or the reverse?
Destination adress : from an ouside PC to my PC ? or the reverse?

It is not clear at all in my mind.

(This is not so easy to make up a control rule about outcoming and upcoming connection if source adress means maybe the adress of an outside PC).

Incoming: Source is outside, Destination is you
Outgoing:Source is you, destination is outside

I much prefer “local” and “remote” because of the confusion, but that’s not what Comodo uses.

As do I. Has this idea actually been suggested and refused before? The current naming scheme, in my opinion, causes confusion at best and ambiguity at worst. The ambiguity occurs when the direction is In/Out: how exactly does that work? If the rule works literally the way it is set then half of the rule, either the In or the Out, is practically useless because you would have “An IN rule where the SOURCE is the LOCAL machine” or “An OUT rule where the DESTINATION is the LOCAL machine”. I think that the aforementioned rules are only useful for loopback and LAN firewalling making them unintuitively paired with a completely different rule concept when using the “In/Out” direction.

Just explaining the ambiguity took me an extra annoying minute to make sure I wasn’t confused and/or misspeaking. This could all be resolved with a “Local” and “Remote” naming system.