SOS - Mayday - Mayday DNS need help

Never have problems with Comodo DNS at all ,ben using for months buts have look at that :o
Its apears now every couple of minutes [disconected] and the internet is sooo slow that even to open the Comodo web page take couple of minutes :-\

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Does the problem remain if you use your ISP’s DNS?

First have checked that out Why You Might Want to Stick With Your ISP's DNS Server After All

After that have talk to my internet provider witch ist
Have find out that talktalk witch provide for users a security system included -witch is operating on the talktalk DNS basis as a cloud -cooperation with F-secure. is checking some times the speed and line and they find out that DNS is change .
They start to modify it ,dasway the problems.
Have told them that Im using the Comodo DNS and do not would go back to talktalk DNS .

That stange anyway whats happened.
Now averyting is fine :-TU

But now Im just laughting ;D have wrote SOS-Mayday & was right someone was atacking Comodo DNS.

Thanks for You help

Having run the trouble shooter before your DNS servers may have been set to your ISP DNS servers again. Can you double check your DNS servers settings and if they are set to Comodo DNS or to obtaining them automatically?

But apart from that a general slow internet connection is not related to DNS servers. There must be other factors at hand.

We need to know more about your connection when the speed is normal and when the speed is very low. For both situations run the command prompt and do a traceroute to a well known web site: tracert .

Show us the trace routes for both situations.

EricJH -as You wish :-TU

Now the speed is stable ,will make a trace later wenn its slows again
As You see on screanshots the DNS ist a Comodo one
Its related to the internet speed You see on screanshot below.

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No, download speeds have nothing to do with DNS. The only speed DNS can affect is the initial server lookup. Once your computer knows the IP address of the server you’re trying to connect to, DNS doesn’t have any further part to play. Any slowdowns from then on are either due to the content server you’re connected to, your ISP, or net congestion in general.

In other words, throughput (upload/download speed) is not impacted by a slow DNS lookup.

Hi Costerin,

I think it was connected to the COMODO DNS Server settings as I’m with Virginmedia - :P0l other broadband suppliers are available!! - and last night (01/10/2012) I also experienced the loss of internet between roughly 20:15 and 20:50 and on return quite often all I kept getting with COMODO Ice Dragon was script errors causing me to close and re-start CID :frowning:

I also have a laptop configured for my ISP DNS Servers and that connected with no problems ???

It looks like it may have been a temporary glitch. Keep us posted if it happens again.

Thanks EricJH :-TU

I hoppe it was just a glitch as well.
But wat are you thinking about the tracing rate ? Wats are the numbers and conection saying?
Im using Comodo DNS because its quiet obviuos for me if Im using CIS as the security system Im expecting someting -in this case maximum security and we knows that its start on server.
Often we read that people are blaming Comodo DNS for slowing the internet. I will say not,not at all,the speed is no diferent to my ISP DNS .
As a wrote before ,ben talking to TALKTALK internet provider technical support & ben sure the DNS providers are just fighting for the clients ,its have a marketing reasons propably.
Have addet the internet speed screanshot only because you know how its look like .
Im not a expert in that how the DNS works and how to deal with ,dasway was sure ,it will be easy for you if have more information on table ;D

Hi Dolphin66 :-TU
Thanks for you reply.Strange whats happened and hoppe you are OK now.
Virgin was my last internet provider . Have changed to talktalk because they ofer me a more compact service and is only 12 monts not a 24 like others do.
I hoppe Comodo people will have a look in to that,script erors in CID.
Im using Comodo Dragon,but as you see on my screanschots it was not related to web browser.
Take care buddy ;D

Thanks HeffeD :-TU

Have adet the internet speed screanshot only because you know how its look like .

Im not a expert in that how the DNS works and how to deal with ,dasway was sure ,it will be easy for people who know if they have more information on table :viva:

DNS look up will only affect speed of the first phase of establishing a connection when a request is done to the DNS server to translate the url to the matching IP address.

Once your computer has the IP address and the connection established, and the actual surfing takes place, there is no more influence by the DNS servers.

Are Virgin and Talk Talk on the same network? F.e. from BT?

BT -British Telecom. is the main player . Im not sure but think averyone -virgin,talktalk and others are using the main line witch providet BT.
The are manny companys providing brodband & phone line in the UK.
Virgin and talktalk are some of them.

My Virginmedia Broadband is on Fibre Optic cable not phone line to a BT exchange.

But the strange thing was on the PC with COMDOO DNS settings I only had ‘local’ network access no ‘internet’ connection and the Laptop with my ISP DNS settings I had ‘local’ and ‘Internet’ connection ???

All we can do is see if it happens again, or someone else says they had the same problem :frowning:

Hello, First I would like to apologize that I didn’t catch this post yesterday. Yesterday for approximately 30 minutes we had experienced network transit issues with one of our providers. This left a significant portion of the internet with no ability to route to our DNS servers, thus our DNS service would have appeared offline. This was a short outage and our transit provider promptly resolved the issues associated with it.

Thanks for explanation :-TU
There is no need for apologizing- we know that lots of new post coming every day,you will be spending all the day on reading only ,every one even you deserve a short coffee break once a day ;D

Good to know waths happened exactly , we do need to be so worry about . Thanks. :-TU

Hi dnsbrian, I would also like to thank you for your post :-TU

@costerin - +1 :-TU

I agree that there is no need for the apology - although it is very polite and very much appreciated :110:

When things go wrong that are outside of your control it is very easy for others to jump up and down, pointing the finger and start blaming the wrong people :frowning:

We posted on here and tried to look logically at what had happened without ‘blaming’ or ‘slating off COMODO’ because a problem had arisen, and that is what I like about this Forum, not only are the members friendly and helpful but for the staff of COMODO interacting with users to resolve problems and improve their programs :rocks:


Thanks for giving the heads up brian.