SORTING Of Application Rules

Something SO freaking simple! Why/HOW could something like this be overlooked?

And WHY has it not yet been corrected. Come on people - if you can’t do something as SIMPLE and BASIC as this, HOW am I supposed to have confidence in the program as a whole!!!

Click on a column header, sort ascending, click again, sort descending - on either column.

No excuse for this. Period.

Absolutely! While I wouldn’t agree that this problem makes me lose confidence in the program as DeathStalker77 said, I do agree that it’s a simple thing that shouldn’t have been overlooked. Other lists can be sorted by clicking the column header, so why not the application rules (both for HIPS and for Firewall)? It’s hard to find listed applications the way it is! Comodo please address this issue!

As a bonus to make management even easier, I would suggest adding one more column named “Added On” or “Date Added” so users can still see when an application was added as a rule no matter what sorting is being used, and also to allow sorting by date.

I agree.

I think it’s because the list has an order to it, the lower on the list an application is, the lower priority it gets, so if you somehow have two rules that conflicts, the highest of them will be the one in effect. So if you sort the rules ascending or descending etc, it will mess with the priority.
Disclaimer: No I don’t know if this is how the application rules work but it’s how I think they work.

I guess we’ll have to ask someone more knowledgeable than us. Maybe in the new version thread?

I would like to know WHY this was just sent to the “REJECTED” Wishes?

Don’t be STUPID. Comodo. Where are your freaking heads?

If you can’t (or simply can’t be bothered to) program something as SIMPLE and COMMON SENSE as this, HOW are we supposed to “trust” you to do anything else right?

remember that application rules are read from top to bottom when being used so sorting them could cause many issues

That makes NO sense at all - I’m not talking about the DETAILS of each application, I’m talking about the LIST of applications.

This goes for both Trusted Files listing as well as the Applications listing.

It’s not rocket science.

And someone moved this here - I’d like to know who and why.

It was not actually Rejected. There is a new system in place, which should make it more likely that highly desired wishes are implemented. For more information please see this topic.


Ok, that explains the moving.

Thank you :slight_smile:

No problem. Please create a new Wish Request for this. Also, it would be helpful to include some screenshots for clarification.