Sorting by Colimns (FOR DEVELOPERS)

Many people wanted to have an opportunity to sort by columns in D+ and Firewall Rules.

Some one described un-ability to do that because of strong logic of CIS and Right Order Of Rules for right implementation them.

My suggest is improvement of this moment.
CIS storing Rules in Windows Registry. There Rules have order numbers. So why we cann’t use them in GUI ?
Just imagine - I click on column “App Name” and have sorted list, but first column will be Rule Number.
In this way It is a good desision.
Also, if I sorted rules by any other column than Rule Number, than before Add Rule I should be promted to “clear sorting”, and will be able to add rule only after that.

All this logic will allow Users to sort as they like to, but also it still will keeping the logic of Rules Order of CIS.

I really want to see reply of developers.