Sorry to keep you waiting :)


Well, we’ll be sending out the emails to those who have registered as Beta-testers for our new backup product over the next couple of days. If you haven’t done so yet, Comodo Backup Enterprise | High Speed Cloud Backup and Restore. So that you know what you have let yourselves in for, this is the the groove…


You will have received an email from CBE-PM[at] containing an IP address and the username and password needed to access the management interface. You will also have received a link to from which you can download the backup agent.

PLEASE CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD AT YOUR EARLIEST OPPORTUNITY. To do this you need to go to, supply the username and password in the email you received and, once you have logged in, click the ‘My Account’ button on the red bar and then click the ‘Change Password’ link on the right-hand side of the page.

In that same email you will have received the following link - which is for your C-Drive (Comodo Cloud) allowing you to mount our CCloud storage as a drive letter. Please run this installer on the same machine in to which you will be installing the backup agent.

Once you have downloaded and installed the backup agent, log in to the IP address Once you have logged in, from the dropdown on the top right hand side of the page the ‘Backup’ menu item will display a secondary menu. If you select the ‘Backup Agents’ item you should see your agent in the list (please let us know if you don’t).

OK, now go to the Backup Jobs link from the same secondary menu and start creating your first backup job.

[ol]- Click on the Add button on the taskbar (at the bottom of the page)

  • You should be on the Source tab of your new Backup Policy. Select the Backup Agent to use from the dropdown next to the text “Select Backup Agent:”
  • Select the folders you want to back up from the left-hand side panel (clicking on the folder name will list the files in that folder in the right-hand side panel)
  • Select the Destination tab. From this tab you will choose where the backup should go. Click on the Add button and from the ‘Add Destination’ screen you will see, select the destination. If you want to send your backup to the cloud or 3rd party destination then you will need to select ‘Add Device’ and supply either the UNC path or IP address and nominate a drive letter to use. BTW, the Test button doesn’t work yet
  • Once you have finished adding the device, you can select it as the backup destination
  • With the Source and Destination selected you now need to choose your backup scheduling from the Schedule tab (yes, it still looks a little ugly for now)
  • With the Scheduling completed, now configure the Settings tab
  • Next, define which mail server Backup Enterprise should push email alerts through and which alerts it should send
  • Click ‘Save’ and you’re set. Your backup will run according to the schedule you defined (If it doesn’t please let us know)
  • OK- so now that your backup has run, let’s test the restore - from the Backup Manager dropdown box, choose Backup History
  • Select the job from the History list and click Restore from the taskbar
  • Select the Source of the restore job from the Source tab
  • Select the destination to which to restore the backup
  • Select a Restore schedule if you want to restore later or click Restore on the taskbar if you want the restore to run immediately[/ol]

Presto, your backup should now be fully restored (let us know if it doesn’t)

Great - now we have a working backup & restore, let’s please try and edit a backup job and see what the result is
With a successful edited backup job, now let’s try to edit a restore job and see what happens
Finally, let’s delete the backup job as well as the restore job and make sure that all configurations are gone

Feel free to play with all the various settings and permutations on offer and of course let us know if something doesn’t work.

VERY IMPORTANTLY THOUGH – you are working with a Beta product in a Beta environment. Please consider the backups and the backup locations as being insecure and unreliable so DO NOT USE ANY IMPORTANT/CONFIDENTIAL DATA IN YOUR TESTING.

Thanks guys & gals, looking forward to hearing from you.


Your fun-lovin’ PM