Sorry, a newbe with a question

Sorry about my question

How can I test an email attachment (PDF). I´m asking, because I have been set under pressure to answer an email. To answer the email, I´ll probably need to read the attached PDF.

Now, what can I do to check the PDF?

I´m really not a specialist in security things, I have a technical background and I´m not used to write and use English. Sorry again.

… and thanks

Upload the pdf to VirusTotal to check if it contains malicious content.
If VirusTotal reports that your pdf is clean then disconnect your computer physically from the internet (unplug ethernet cable and disable WiFi) than read the pdf and when done reading the pdf connect your computer again to the internet (plug ethernet cable back in and enbale WiFi).
If your computer stays connected while opening and reading the pdf it may connect to the internet so to be safe it doesn’t do that disconnect your computer from the internet first before opening and reading the pdf.

Hope this helps.