First it was June, then end of July, still nothing… May have to purchase a kaspersky subscription soon if nothing.

Software development is a notoriously elastic process.

NEVER believe a date given out by a software coder. They don’t use standard chronological measurements - every announcement should commence with the words " Captains log - Stardate …"

It’ll come when it’s ready and it’ll be ready when it comes.

Hang in there.

So, don’t specify any time frame. Just say “coming someday”!!

Hey there,

take a look at this thread


The link provided didn’t work.

It tried to take me here: link deleted

Try this oneinstead…

Or if you just want to talk about how excited you are that it’s coming soon, try this…


Why not install avast or Avira rather then spending you’re money :wink:

Using these in the meantime is adviced indeed, but could you please inform me what Wavasr is, I’ve never heared of it before.


Keyboards got a mind of it’s own these days, I don’t do spell checks as a matter of principle :wink:

Post edited for clarity.

Wavasr = avast



Correct links:

CAVS Release Date Statement:

Anticipation thread for excited Comodo users.