Soon will be the day!

Hello all,

For those who had forgotten:

tomorrow is Tuesday Feb 10th!


(edited title as requested to more appropriate time statement)

And three days after that is Friday the 13th. :a0

I hope so… :THNK

We’ll just have to wait and see

Hope we won’t have to wait for Xman’s next birthday ;D

looks like we will be missing the window this tuesday guys… :frowning:



So we won’t see the stable version today? I understand. I prefer to get 3.8 few days later without bugs than getting today version that could cause some problems.

If we had to wait to the 16th of Jan/2010 I’d surely be brain dead from all that breath holding this time around! :o
^^ ^^ :slight_smile:
Cheers :■■■■
Xman 8)

Ugh delayed until when exactly…1 week 2 week a month?

But take your time. Make it perfect. COMODO is our defense against the whole world (:HUG)

Why does comodo always do this? Say a product will be released on a certain day/time frame, then delays it weeks or months at the last minute.

While Id rather have a finished product, Id also rather not know about it, get my hopes up, then have them ripped away and crushed at the last minute. Just tell us when you know for sure…really really sure…very sure. Positive even.

Come on man. The guys are working hard.
I know for a fact Comodo is the closest to he deadline than any other vendor.

comodo rarely gives a date for a release that is not the effective one,
so if they delayed this comodo 3.8, there must be a good reason,
i’m sure u can wait some more days to get something that needs more work to fix some more things.
they always worked hard to respect release date, so for one time it’s not this day, we can wait a little more, it’s not the end of the world.
comodo will release soon some great work, like they always did.

Because they want to make sure the software is good as possible before they release it.

Comodo’s quaility has generated eager fans.
We all know it’s worth the wait…

So whats new with CIS? I’ve been gone for a good 2+ months who wants to fill me in. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have a wicked sense of humour,but extremely amusing.

Why can’t Comodo make a sticky thread about current development process? Instead of, we have a bunch of threads made by community members based only on rumours misinforming other community members.
Is it so hard to write a few lines about what is actually happening with selected product?

[b]For example CIS[/b]

New version of CIS which was scheduled to be releaded on 10th February 2009, won’t be released today.

We still have problems / We still working on this and that… We plan to finish it in a few days/ a week / two weeks / month , etc.

Don’t expect new release of CIS before 20th February 2009 (realistically estimated date). Remember it is only an estimated date and not a final release date.

After all this is a Feedback/Comments/Announcements/News - CIS subforum, isn’t it?

Good thinking

I did do something similar… With this version of v3.8.

I guess my self & Other mods can do this again… But we can’t have a actual release date, We will say “unknown” But I’ll talk to Melih later about it so he doesn’t have to say “We are aiming for the 20th” or whatever…

But you gotta understand, Melih does not promise release dates - For those who remember the wait for CAV 3, How many times it got delayed! But Development & Coding is like this… Coding is something that is time consuming and can have last minute issues, I am doing a course on Coding right now and making actual software… It aint easy!! (:NRD)

I suppose I can create a poll for this, Whether you want Melih to estimate or say a date (Which is NOT craved in stone what he has said, it NEVER had) OR… with the sticky in “Overview” Board for CIS with info and a release date (If positivie) or unknown.

What do you guys prefer? Then a myself or a mod can get on it… Melih to say something or Sticky? I never had a problem with Melih saying this kind of stuff to be honest… But at the same time I do understand when you guys do expect it then it dosen’t happen… So it’s a completely fair debate IMO.

So should I or a mod create a poll? If Melih saids No, then it’s No… Just making things fair. :slight_smile:


No. Release dates are really hard to guesstimate and people here tend to feel let down when that date is missed. I think more effort should be put on development and development related postings, rather than trying to decide when they think they will be done. I think people should stop whining about missed projections and stop worrying about when things will be released. The world will not end just because some software did not come out on a projected date, and if the world end, then it’s not the fault of the software not being released (in this case it wouldn’t matter that software wasn’t released :P). People just need to relax and take life easy. CIS is great, but it’s not worth working yourself in a frenzy over.

The dev team does a great job and sometimes I wonder how they feel when they read the forums and see comments like some in this forum. Does it make them feel ashamed that they missed the date, does it make them feel bad, do they feel as though they have let us down??? Instead of getting all worked up over missed dates, people should be more supportive of the dev team and just shrug it off like it’s the no big deal that it is. So, people just need to chill and leave the pressure off the dev team. There is no hurry to get CIS released, at least with me.

My two cents.