sony.exe [Resolved]

Hello. I got a pop up re: an executable file called something like sony.exe. The pop up from comodo said that this is a safe application but when I allowed it my computer screen went blank and did some funny stuff. The next warning re: the same file said said comodo did not recognize this and asked me if I wanted to alert comodo which I did. I canceled the next pop up about the file. Does this sound fishy to anyone else or is this normal? My computer was not doing automatic updates from microsoft at the time that I know of.

It looks like my desktop icons have been rearanged since I allowed this pop up.

Would someone please tell me in laymans terms how to go back and disallow the initial pop up?

Thanks for any help

This FAQ will help you to reverse the permissions here.

You could check this file using Comodo’s CIMA, as file submission is taking some time. A result of ‘undetected’ means ‘very unlikely to be malware’.

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