sonic activation module

cleaned registry, disk and privacy few days ago with csc .36 version. now cineplayer, roxio and program updates are asking for sonic activation module. i dont have any backups as i had deleted all the backups. so whats the solution for these probs. plzz help


did you use the “registry protection and safe delete” if so you can use the backup to restore.
If you have the back-up. it would be in CSC —>“analyze my disk” —> “backup”

Always be carefull on what you delete, I learned that the hard way with a program called “utorrent” I should have removed the check mark instead of clicking next, next, next and not paying attention to it

I hope you saved a backup copy :slight_smile:

thanxx jay. but i have mentioned in my post that i have deleted the backups. so how can i solve these probs now


i had deleted all the backups
Oooops, I must have missed that part, SORRY :)

The only other alternative would be to do a system restore to an earlier point. Before you installed Comodo.

any other way to solve the prob. the restore point is many days before 15 days before. i dont want to restore the computer this many days before as i will lose many important docs and stuffs. i know i can backup the stuff in some removable media before restoring but i dont know what exactly is changed after that restore point. if i have modified important docs like word and excel after the restoration point do i lose that modified file too if i restore.

as i said the prob is of sonic activation prob one thing i forgot to mention that when opening cineplayer, roxio, etc sonic activation window appears asking for cd, after 7-8 try to cancel it disappears and the programs opens.
any solution??



Have you tried to uninstall/reinstall those applications ? Because if you deleted the backups and have no recent restore point, this leaves you with less choice options. If you still have the CSC log, please post it here so we can analyze it.

Thank you for your support.

i cannot uninstall the programs as i dont have setup files and cd of the programs to reinstall. what are those less choice options?? attached is the crc log file

[attachment deleted by admin]

cd/dvd drive is also asking for sonic activation module and asks for the installation cd which i dont have. after clicking cancel 7-8 times sonic activation module window disappears and the drive opens. please help me solving this major prob.


If you don’t have an actual install CD, check the disks that came from the manufacturer. Everything pre-installed on your system will be on those CD’s.

i just got win xp sp2 operating system, drivers and utilities, wordperfect and trendmicro internet security cd. no other cds.


i searched a lot for this prob. in one of my search i found a solution wherein a guy said that he too had the sonic activation module prob and installing the latest version of windows installer solved the prob. should i try this?? windows installer on my system is 3.1 KB893803. what is the latest version of windows installer?? as i said cd/dvd drive i.e drive D on my system too asks for sonic activation module ( it is a sony dvd-rw), can i try updating the driver of sony dvd-rw. help guyz!!!


It’s probably in there. The manufacturer will give you everything needed to get your system back to its factory state.

thanxx replying. i checked the cd but couldn’t find any.

It never hurts to update the Windows Installer to the latest version.

Since it seems related to Windows installer you can also try Windows Installer CleanUp Utility. This tool will delete all installer related information (filles and registry keys). It won’t uninstall nor will it get rid of data. If the sonic activation module is installed with Windows installer you can use it.

hi Ericjh,
i downloaded windows installer cleanup utility. i dont want to uninstall sonic products. i just want to get rid of sonic activation module window. windows installer cleanup utility showed all the sonic products installed in the system. it also showed SONIC ACTIVATION MODULE. my question is -

  1. if windows installer cleanup utility is showing sonic activation module then it means sonic activation module is there then why sonic products are asking for it??

  2. if with windows installer cleanup utility i delete sonic activation module what will happen?? i will get rid of only sonic activation module window or sonic products will get more corrupted.


To answer your questions:

  1. What Windows Installer Cleanup utility shows is the presence of installer information of programs that use Windows installer. These programs may be installed or it may be leftovers from an uninstall that left behind stuff.
    2.When using WICU to delete the Sonic Activation module related installer information you will still keep the installed program. But you can’t uninstall it anymore. You will have to manually remove it if you want get rid of it.

WICU is used to get rid of remnants of installers that interfere with installing new software. For example one of my friends tried a test version of Outlook that got messed up and the official release would not install because of that. With WICU we got rid of the installer information and Outlook would now install.

I reread your problem. Are the other program complaining about the loss of that file also from Sonic? My initial idea was to get rid of the Registration Module info with WICU. But that may only contribute to the problem when program from Sonic (may be some sort of suite).

Let me know.

i have following sonic products -

roxio, cineplayer and cd/dvd drive. all of these and their modules asks for sonic activation module when opening. all the sonic programs and their modules open but it requires 8-10 times closing the sonic activation module window. updating these programs also throws sonic activation module window. other software’s are running fine. only sonic products raises this problem.


There could be a solution in activating the Sonic programs.

i could not find any solution. i searched the net for almost 8 hours. thanxx helping me. all other mods and members are busy with latest cis beta threads.