SONAR like technology in COMODO

may be someday we can have SONAR like technology in COMODO, SONAR works excepttionally well and is almost fool proof, see how SONAR works

well lets see what the new behavior blockers brings in v6. its been said that its unlike any other and if implemented correctly will be very effective

does the new behavior blocker works the same way as SONAR does in Norton

no idea. i have heard anything about it. the little bit iv heard was from a mod (languy) just saying it wont be like any other

this is the only info iv seen about it

Thanks for the info, it keeps our hopes alive

this tells nothing until COMODO says anything officially

i agree. i wish we could get a little more info but im not going to hold my breath. i guess we will see if comodo really lives up to the hype for v6

but right now they really need to improve the FP issues, thats the only reason im not using COMODO

definitely i honest think that once valkyrie is in full effect FP’s should decrease. right now it seems like heuristics.suspicious gives the most FP’s which are generated from CIMA. once valkyrie is up and running i think it will be used in unison with CIMA to create signatures. from my testing Valkyrie gives very few FP’s

Are you using SONAR?

but i think a file reputation system like SONAR will be much more effective than pure Heuristics

Anyway… I find it odd that you’re not using CIS because of its FP’s whilst SONAR, itself, is fairly well known for its FP’s.

In addition, I think that you should make it clear that above site/blog is yours and that you actually wrote the cited article. Your first post, citing this site/blog, was not very clear in this regard. Thanks.

lollz . . . I was expecting this, There is nothing wrong in writing a blog and asking for people’s opinion in a public forum and i have clearly mentioned my blog’s name in my profile so nothing hiding here and as well as FP goes . . . . be true to your profession while replying . . who do you expect to give more FP in general daily use . . . . . you guys just keep debating and never take any remark in a healthy way

There’s always this hype created for any new features going to be implemented in CIS, that it will be this-that, etc.

Lets wait & watch what actually it brings.


This NIS2012 90 dyas offer is on ING Direct page. Are there any banks offering NIS2012 free for their customers. I have posted this on the above mentioned site too.


Symantec provide this offer exclusively to ING customers but anyone who knows about the offer can download, no restrictions . . enjoy :-TU

So because your website link is in your profile, that makes your post referring to a blog as though you didn’t write it less dishonest? For one, I don’t know how many people regularly check profiles, but I almost never do. And two, who writes things like, “hey guys, I just read some great article and you should check it out here”, when they were the ones who wrote it? To me it sounds like someone trying to sell something.

Ok. This is 90 days offer.

Is there NIS2012 free offer for ING customers i.e login to ING & can get free NIS for a year or till one is ING customer & offer remains.

I downloaded the 90 days setup. Can I install it on 2 systems XP SP3 & Win 7 64 bits or I have to download another installer for another system.


Yes you can use it on as many systems as you want, its completely free for 90 days for anyone not only ING customers. . . . . .

this was my first post on Comodo’s forum, didn’t know how to begin, Excitement ! so i did it that way . . . . .as far as selling something is concern you will come to know what i am trying to sell in my future posts, hang in there . . … . . .