Sometimes internet doesn't work with Firewall enabled. And not able to disable firewall from system tray icon

Started after the “error”

Sometimes diagnostics show problem but can’t fix it sometimes it can.

  1. How to read the report diagnostics made ?
  2. What does it contain?
  3. Where to upload it for devs ?

Hi 5Lqep,

Thank you for reporting.
kindly click on “Create report” option in the diagnostic report window and save it in your required location.

  1. open the saved diagnostic report file which contains (.XML file, Event log & Dmp file).
  2. It contains .XML file, Event log & Dmp file of the diagnostic report.
  3. You can share us report file via private message or upload it on any online storage & share us the download link.


Hello @5Lqep,

Could you please try it with the new beta version when we announce it soon?

Kind regards,

I issue is fixed in Beta you may delete post