Something Went Wrong...

i need help with my computer , everything has stop working , my hp display, internet explorer has stop working , i am about to pull my hair out can someone help me please , i don’t know what eles to do

You say your HP display has stopped working. Are you using a different screen now or are you on somebody else´s computer? Make sure all the wires are correctly plugged in. Pull them out and then back in to be sure they are plugged in properly.

What is happening to your Internet Explorer? What message do you get when you go to a web site?

What security programs are you using?

i did buy a new screen , all it says is internet explorer has stopped working , i can not close out any of my windows also hp my display has stopped working also … i just don’t know what i can do at this point , i will try to unplug and plug back in and see what that does …thank you again

What Windows version are you on? Do you have any security program(s) installed? If you have update them and let them run a scan.

Is your Windows being up to date with the security updates?

Try this first:
Reconnect your old monitor. Make sure you see the screen image correctly.
Next, set your resolution to a basic size: 800x600 (std. resolution, maybe even 60Hz refresh).
Again, make sure you can see the screen and save the settings.
Then, power down your computer (through Windows) and then change your monitor to the new one.
Power back up and log in.
You should be able to see the screen at this point. (If there is any special driver/profile that needs to be loaded to access special monitor features now is the time to do so.)
Now you are free to set your resolution and colour depth to whatever your new monitor can display (and is also comfortable for you to see).
I suspect the settings for your old monitor are incompatible with the new one (including refresh rate).

i am useing windows vista and for security it is comodo .

Make sure you have all the necessary updates for Windows. Go to Start → All Programs → Windows Update. When it says there are important updates install them and see how it goes.

When after this Internet Explorer still crashes follow these guidelines for finding malware: .

Does the above help you?