Something Very Odd...?


I’ve just reformatted C drive and reinstalled Windows XP Home Edition, etc., and it was time to reinstall Comodo Backup. (

Now, according to the Help file (after installation) I should have seen something in one of the menus that I can select and that will enable me to come to you guys and get (or get again) my Free License.

I’ve looked at all menus in Backup. That option in the menus doesn’t exist, except in the pictures in the Help file!

That set me to thinking.

Now, let’s think on this: four possibilities…

1. …the need for a license no longer applies to any Backup version;
2. …the need for a license has never applied with version (;
3. …Comodo Backup is psychic enough to know that I have already done the license routine.
4. …I’ll leave this one out, for now.

Whenever something like this happens, my internal warning bells start to ring!

Would somebody explain to me which of the above three possibilities applies?


Hi TheGodSplinter

The last couple of updates have probably eliminated the need for the licence routine. The newest version is and it may have updated itself for you.



Thank you for your reply, but, as I said, this is version

If a license is still needed, how would a full reformat of C:\ and a reinstall (from an external drive) leave the next, completely clean installation of Comodo Backup knowing that I have already had a license key given to me, in the past?

Has anybody else experienced this with Comodo Backup, yet?


G’day Godsplinter,

The need for a license was required for versions 1.0.0.X and lower. Although it did appear in the help file for V1.0.1, you were not required to obtain a license. Daft, I know, but that’s how it was. Comodo Backup is based on code initially licensed from Almersoft (, and the first Comodo versions were basically a straight lift of the Almersoft code with a bit of rebranding thrown in. Things really only started to change with V1.0.1 - unfortunately they didn’t change everything (i.e. the help files).

Comodo Backup is now a fully internal Comodo product with teh development team based, I think, in their Ukraine offices.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Option 4 wouldn’t have been something like ET phoning home, would it? :wink:
Doesn’t happen - run wireshark and check, if you like. :wink:


Option 4 is, yes, the phone-home nightmare!

Thanks for your reply!

Why is part of the Comodo team in the Ukraine?..and, where else are parts of the Comodo team situated?


Ummm … 'cause that’s where they live. :wink: AFAIK, the Comodo Backup development team is based in thier Ukrain offices.

...and, where else are parts of the Comodo team situated?

AFAIK, Comodo have offices/labs/development studios in USA, England, India and Ukraine. They have multiple sites in each of several of these countries. One of the beauties of an internet based company is that you don’t have to geographically locate your resources, you just have to get the right resources and get them online.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:


That makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for your reply and for replying so soon.


where else are parts of the Comodo team situated?

Also China


Reason: Out-Dated post.