Something is wrong

I am using the free Comodo firewall and have noticed that when I open it up, it shows me the Comodo scree with the Summary-Firewall-Defence-More headings but nothing else. I cant even see anywhere where I can click to update or make any settings.

To the left of the screen it does state that all systems are active and running but since I cant even update or see anything in each heading I can’t be sure.

Is there something I can do to correct this and why has it happened. Also do you think that it would be better if I re-installed Comodo.

Any help would be appreciated


At least to me this does sound like a failed installation. I’d try reinstalling it by following the advice I give in this post.

Hi Chiron

Thanks for your reply. I did decide to re-install the software but it wasn’t a failed failed installation. I already had Comodo firewall operating on the computer. It happened after I did an automatic windows update the other day.

What concernes me greatly is that this is a firewall and not supposed to be affected by other software. If it is that easy to do so, I have to ask myself if this firewall is giving me the best protection and perhaps the Comodo people ought to take a serious look at this problem unless they are aware of it already!!

Thanks again for your input.