something is wrong with icedragon!!!!!

Ive had icedragon fo a while now, and it has served me well. I noticed the past few weeks that some of my flash games(not all) havent been working(yet they work in IE) and also someof the videos i play on sites(not youube) show a black screen only but with audio. I uninstalled and reinstalled ID and everything worked fine…until i updated it(i guess the one on the site isnt up to date? and im back to square one!

Hi princetongrad24,
Try disabling ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’, found under browsing in the general tab of the advanced settings.


didnt work

Hi princetongrad24,
Sorry that didn’t help, I do not know what is causing this issue.

Kind regards.

so how do i get helpwith it???

Hi princetongrad24,
Check to see if you have the latest Flash player plugin installed.

On the clips showing the black screen.

  1. Right click the black area and select settings if available.
  2. Deselect ‘Enable Hardware Acceleration’ (Screenshot).
  3. Reload site.

If it still fails, let us hope someone else has some other ideas.

Kind regards.

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IDONT THINK IT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH flash. i just uninstalled and reinstalled it,and once again it works fine…there is something that changes when i update it though…but after downloading a new clean version from site it’s ok…but if it asks to update it goes screwy.