Something is stealing focus randomly.

Hello. I have this problem, something in my system is stealing focus from whatever window \ full screen program I use at that time. Seemingly at random. And I have no idea what… how can I figure it out? Please help, it’s pretty annoying.

All scans are clean (CIS, Malwarebytes antimalware, HitMan Pro, SuperAntispyware.)

Do you use Advanced System Care 88)

No, I don’t

Which version of cis r u using

6.3.294583.2937 latest, I Belive

ok just making sure v5.x/early v6 had problems with the updater stealing focus everytime it checked for updates.

Here’s my autoruns listing, I don’t see anything suspicious there, but maybe you will.

Also I noticed I have 2 instances of C:\windows\system32\conhost.exe running, that I don’t remember being there before.

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I see this in a forum ASC causes your problem

Hi Maniak2000

my experience:

-VPN/Shared connections will do that .
-some apps will update continuously without you knowing about them for so many reasons, for example their updater module is blocked so they just try to update in a loop .

so many possibilities that cannot all be stated here , but for comodo try this :

-set sandbox level to block
-disable automatic updater
-disable real time scanning and activate Sandboxing to compensate for the lost security feature.
-uncheck enable adaptive mode under low system resources .

if nothing else works try a booster where you could disable all but the programs you are using , "BluSprig is a good one .

even with this things could still be almost the same , the final thing you could try is disable auto update on every app you use, even addons, use a fast browser " CID, FF, " are not the best browsers to test Lags, use an older version of FF ; 3.6 , or Palemoon .

Those were the steps I took, and was able to get good results .

Hi Maniak2000 do you still have the same problem ? If so try installing WizMouse .

Not an answer to your question. Just thought this might regain focus. If the wheel has focus then so does the mouse.

That looks like a workaround at best.

Now if there was a program that could tell me what proccesses \ windows had focus in the past minute or so, that could help catch a “focus stealer”.

Do you have a video capture software that can show the behavior. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That means a video is worth a million.

or explain exactly what is happening .

Well, there isn’t much to explain. When I run fullscreen program (usually a game), it just minimizes for no reason. or when I type something, say in browser, when it happens I can’t type there anymore unless I click on browser window.

As I said it happens randomly and not that often, but it’s annoying when it does.

An enigma then. I have never heard of or experienced this, other than losing focus with IE search. Since you’ve scanned and found nothing it must be a Windows error. Good Luck. :wink:

It is a window issue seen in xp and later, high speed connections make people not aware of it, dell tried to do something to fix it on their computers, MS addressed the Issue , there’s also a fix to apply , I can’t find it , I will see if I could get it, Kill switch is a great app to let you know what’s running on your system ,…
you need to apply the tips we gave you so we could look into other possibilities , otherwise you’re on your own which defies the reason for posting this here ,
sometimes it’s not even stealing focus, it’s a lag that could be fixed easily if you uninstall contradicting " addons " for example ,…

also comodo proactive security is not for every machine, so is setting online scanners on highest power or activating the sandbox ,…

check in your task manager/Comodo to see if any part of an app is blocked trying to access it’s parent app ,

Like Firefox and it’s Blugin container ,…

Look for Tweak UI, if you hadn’t already got it, find the one suitable for your system, it may or may not work,
but …

see attached pic, please

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Hello all, it’s been a while. I still get this focus stealing \ full-screen programs minimizing problem, but after hours of monitoring and running full screen games I think I found something.

I used Process Hacker to see if there’s a change in processes when focus steal \ minimizing happens, and here’s what I found.

When minimizing happens, Process Hacker shows 2 processes terminated, that weren’t present at normal (I suppose they started and terminated quickly). Those processes are:

Command line - C:\Windows\TEMP\CMC_DRAGON\restart_helper.exe -cmc


Command line - C:\Windows\system32\DllHost.exe /Processid:{E10F6C3A-F1AE-4ADC-AA9D-2FE65525666E}

I assume first one belongs to Comodo Dragon, which I have installed, but currently use chrome, and I don’t know what second one’s command line means, parhaps it’s linked to the first one.

So, is the culprit here comodo dragon? Do I need to uninstall it?

This should help as it is Comodo Dragon.;msg717415#msg717415

The problem seems to be solved now, thanks.