something different about CIS

CIS new math???

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The title bar and progress bar are tracking the whole update job progression.

As you’ve seen the actual downloaded data is another thing.


Well, I thank the Creator of the Universe For at least one small ray of sunshine, Mr. Frogger,…

I was rather hoping that would be the case…

As you can see from pic #2, the progress being made here is very slow this fine day…

So what happens at 8PM and I quit this exciting pastime to catch the next episode of Lost?.. do I get to start all over again tomorrow?

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That’s a crazy slow download.
By the time it completes there will be a new one ???

Dial up or server trouble?
Something actively scanning the download?



It’s a long story, but the upshot is that I must be one of the Oceanic Six… you know… the 6 people that still have dial-up?? …

As of 3/13, Broadband is STILL “unavailable at the requested location”…

The reasons?.. oversold switching by the telco… underbuilt cell tower grid density by the wireless guys… hot air & bull leavings on the part of the PR guys… etc.

So I labor on through the darkness…

Hey, maybe take a look at my other post a bit further down the list in this section… I’ve been doing this particular download for a while … the other post has all the details … maybe you can shed some light on that too???