Something broken with Certificate Issuance process

I applied at the Comodo website for an email certificate approx. 10 hours ago. I still don’t have the email link to download the cert., and I suspect something is wrong.

I requested “Error tickets” twice, and each time I received your automated response that the certificate link was sent, and that I should check my junk mail filters if I can’t find the message.

I did, and there’s nothing there guys! I have a working email address (since you did respond to my help requests), but no certificate!

How can we fix this? I would rather not post my email address here - so let me know what options exist to move this beyond running in circles ?


Yep same here . I applied earlier in the week and never received the certs --But tonightI request one for my hotmail account and it came through just fine… But when I use it from Outlook – the mail comes throught with an invalid certificate layer and I trusted the issuer and explicitly trusted the cert…