Somebody - PLEEEZE HELP!! CAV003 - On Access scanner

Hi, I have just installed Vista onto my PC, I had XP before and had Comodo Anti-Virus which ran beautifully. Now I have Vista and I just installed Comodo Anti-virus but for some reason the ‘On Access Scanner’ won’t turn on ?? and when I try I get the message CAV003 - On access scanner failed to start
Does anyone know why this is happening now since I put Vista on and how I can fix it please?

If I can’t fix it, what does it mean to not have the ‘On access scanner’ on?
Should I uninstal and use a different anti-virus?

I’m just worried that I’m not protected now, please help.

Hope you all had a good Christmas and have a Happy New year!!


Hi Jay. The last I heard was that the latest Beta of CAVS is not supported on Vista. However, the final version (non BETA) will. The rumours I see about its release are early next year. Until then you will need something else. I am currently running a trial version of NOD32 on my Vista, hoping that the final–stable–version of CAVS 3 will be out before the NOD32 trial runs out.

Pity as I like Comodo products (:SAD)

Nevermind but Thankyou very much for replying mate, all the best, Jay

Naw, CAVS 2isn’t Vista Supported.

However… CAVS 3 BETA is soon to be out and will be vista supported, I heard…


I’m having the same error message on my system, as well, and it’s Windows XP.

Hi Shadowhawk4735 Welcome to the Comodo forums

This has happened for various reasons before. Here are some links of those who have solved the problem. Try them out and let us know if any of it helps.

CAVS -3 is now out in beta if you would like to try it out it is here . It is packaged with Comodo Firewall as CIS (Comodo Internet Security) but you can install only the applications that you want.;msg44614#msg44614;msg20733#msg20733;msg38777#msg38777;msg14056#msg14056;msg39891#msg39891