Some types not reportable?

I had what I am sure is a false positive. Other AV/spyware stuff did not bother about it. It’s the install file for a VOIP software phone. It has not shown up before in searches, although it’s been there for a while. But when it was “detected”, I said ignore and report as false positive…and was told that "certain items could not be …"etc.

This seems weird. What are the criteria? This blanket ban just feels like a duck and shove manoeuvre. Without more info, I just feel cheated…too many false positives?

Edit: Fixed spelling in title, Captainsticks.

try uploading the file to virus total and valkyrie and post the results if u can

sorry…but huh? Not being difficult, just noob…how do I do that?

and why am i being told I can’t report this? Not a good image for CIS…loser’s gambit

Hi RealOldNick,
When you encounter a False Positive (=FP) or a suspicious file please follow 1 of these 3 ways so it can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Kind Regards.
Erik M.

Thanks for the reply,. but what about the “report false positive” in Comodo itself?