Some trouble with older game and CFP V3

Hi all, although this is my first post in the forum, I use CFP quite a while now. First V2 for some months, now V3 since it’s been released and am a quite happy user of CFP. My system is a Win XP home edition SP2 and I never had any real problems with CFP. Until yesterday that is.

I was running both firewall and D+ in “train with safe” mode. CFP version is the newest (329). When I started a very old game, which claimed direct access to the monitor and the keyboard. So I got the corresponding pop ups and granted access both times. After the game had changed the monitor resolution, the screen stayed black and nothing happened. I then tried to kill the game via task manager, which was successful after some waiting.

I thought it might be easier to make the game a “trusted application” and tried to open CFP. To my surprise, I was informed that I was not allowed to do so. I thought “oops, maybe a reboot will help”. Tried to restart the machine but also no luck, not allowed. Explorer? Not allowed. So I reset the machine, but after login, only a few of my normal applications started (missing some 4 or 5 icons in the tray). As a last resort, I tried to (temporarily) uninstall CFP. But - no big surprise - no luck either! No access … So I reset again and uninstalled CFP in safe mode, which worked without any problem. After rebooting, all was back to normal.

I then did a virus scan and re-installed CFP 3. So far, everything seems ok again. Didn’t try to play the game again, though. So my question is: What happened here and what could (should) I have done to recover (other than uninstall CFP)?


P.S.: Unfortunately, I don’t know if this is an issue with the newest version or would also happen with older ones, as I haven’t played that game for more than a year now.

See my sticky for games.

Thanks Vettetech, I’ve already read your sticky and I guess I could have avoided the problems following your instructions. While this is a good workaound, the problem is still there. What do I do if I come in this situation again, maybe because I forgot to switch D+ mode before starting the game for whatever reason? I don’t think CFP should behave like that and leave my system in such a state. Users make mistakes and the CFP should handle that less painful for the user.

Furthermore, I also don’t think it’s really a user error not to switch modes before starting a new program. It may be not the easiest method to adjust CFP for the new program, but I should have been able to do it by allowing the new program what it requested to do and telling CFP (or D+) to remember my decision(s).


Try removing all entries of the game in the firewall and D+ and reboot. Then try the game again leaving the firewall and D+ in training mode.

Thanks again. What you suggest is a perfectly reasonable solution to avoid the problems I experienced. But that little old game ist not the real point. Actually, I don’t really care if it runs or not.

The point is, that I managed to get my system in a very sorry state just by running an application and answering some pop ups instead of making it a trusted application or setting D+ to training mode or whatever. I think it should be possible to achieve the same result (game running, system working) even in paranoid mode (I didn’t use that mode, just train with safe) if I allow everything I’m asked for in the pop ups. Even if that’s not possible for some reason, it’s not acceptable that CPF (or whatever other security program) denies access to most vital system functions when all I did was answering some pop ups for an aold game. Even more so when I allowed every single action I was asked for.

I could live with a net result of “game still not running, but system working properly”. I certainly can’t live with “game not running, system messed up”.

Don’t get me wrong, I love CFP for what it is and what it does. But this behaviour is not very user friendly to say the least. I’m sorry for obviously choosing the wrong thread title. Should probably have been something like “CFP denies access to system without obvious reason”.