Some suggestions


I’ve recently installed Comodo’s firewall . I might say that i’m very happy with it.
I want to suggest that comodo’s developers add a function that can backup our
settings,application control rules and other rules.
You see,other FW such as zonealarm and outpost,they both can backup our settings.

Thank you for the great program, your work is appreciated!

I believe they will haf in upcomin v3.

i also suggest they haf password setting-protect and IP Blocker.

u can take a look at
Comodo’s plugins thread,6216.0.html
and Comodo’s wishlist thread,6883.0.html
and ‘rate n improve’ thread,24.0.html


Opera, Sandboxie
Real-time: Comodo Firewall, AOL Active Virus Shield, Windows Defender
On-demand: ClamWin, Ad-Aware SE, A-Square
Tools: Panda Anti-Rootkit, Hijack This, CWSheredder