Some suggestions for your "validation" team


Please have a look at how it’s done in another CAs. In no agency I had such problems with accepting UK Ltd director’s phone number (due to the fact that the company doesn’t have one). I tried to explain this online but it looked like talking with (sorry :slight_smile: ) simple bots.
I realize that the low price is not for no reason, but still it’s good to spend some pennies to order reports from C.H. to be able to offer your customers more than mediocre service.
I hope the refund will be at least quick and problem-free.:slight_smile:

All the best.

Well, while the relatively strong validation procedure that I used in the past didn’t work here, I was offered another option and it worked. (Thanks.)
All in all, it took more time but aside from that everything else looks good (including very fast email support, which is actually non-existing in other CAs).


I have the same problem. I have purchased a code signing certificate under INDIVIDUAL name, sent the verification documents, the domain and everything was validated and we got to the phone number part.

At this point i was being told to update my phone number in one of the romanian yellow pages directory and was provided with the following link

However first link on this page refers to companies only and the second link that is supposed to provide information for individuals doesn’t work.

I have tried to explain this the best i could to the online support team but it was useless … the reply i got over and over again was to update my COMPANY’s phone number in the yellow pages. (again, i have requested the certificate under individual name and not for a company).

After this i was instructed to contact some attorney or latin notary, to sign some papers, etc.

Should I waste my time because the site Comodo uses for verification doesn’t actually work ? I think not.

After all, yesterday, i was redirected to a supervisor who actually understood that the specific site doesn’t work and said is possible to be a temporary problem (which i doubt … and there’s multiple reasons for that) and if today still doesn’t work (and it doesn’t) i will be provided with an alternative solution.

Now i am waiting for the “Our technical support staff are available 24 x 7 (Barring any unforeseen circumstances) for online chat” to actually be online so we can (hopefully) solve this issue. I guess this is one of the “unforeseen circumstances”.

Let’s see how it goes.

// Florin

Hi FlorinB,

Welcome to the forums!
Sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble with the request, Do you have any other public site yellow pages/online phone book etc that you can provide them that holds your details?
I’m not staff so unfortunately I can’t help you directly, but I’m trying to draw some attention to this matter.

Hi Ronny,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes there are multiple online phone books that list the land line phone at my location/address.

I have updated the domain’s whois info to match the land line number instead, updated the ticket with PDFs of the latest phone bills for both the land line number and the mobile … and provided 8 links of online phone books/business directories where this land line phone number can be found.

If this won’t be enough still, i`ll be waiting for the alternative solution.

// Florin

Please keep us posted on the progress.

We are very sorry for the confusion. I have instructed my team to allow the use of the link you sent at to verify the phone number. You should be receiving the verification call shortly.

Hi Florin,

Do you have an update for us?

Kind Regards,

Old thread - but I am having this exact problem right now.

I have no intention of highjacking this thread - but for reference - this is my case:

As explained by the thread starter - the validation part (critical part) is handled by low quality personel (excuse my remark here - but its true).

Best regards / Victor