Some Sites Won't Load .. FF 3.5.7, IE8 + VE 2.7.033

I can confirm that when I install and enable Verification Engine (in FireFox) I have trouble loading certain web pages with either FireFox 3.5.7 or I.E. 8 which is current w/all updates and patches.

This is on WinXP, SP3 fully patched. Running Online Armor 4.x as my firewall and Symantec AV. The computer operates flawlessly when VE is not installed.

For example, when I try to go to ", either the site won’t load at all and IE8 gives me an option to diagnose the connection problem or FireFox gives me a Time Out Try Again Option. Randomly and not very often, it may load (not every time) the first page of the web site but if I select to see the highest rates for 1 year CDs and hit “search” following web pages refuse to load.

CNN usually loads (and verifies) the first page, but often will not load subsequent pages even after long delays. This loading of the first page with no subsequent pages is more common than not loading anything at all. Yet, on some sites like, the site loads perfectly every time all the time. There seems to be no explanation why some sites load OK all the time, every time, while others won’t load at all or will only load the first page of the web site.

On my laptop, sharing the same router, modem and internet connection, none of these problems are evident and the fact that I don’t have VE installed on the laptop is what first caused me to wonder if it could be VE.

Quite frustrating and since Verification Engine is obviously a very good idea I was sorry I had to uninstall it, but, in fact, all of my problems with pages loading have disappeared.

Unfortunately, VE generated no error messages in my event viewer, nor did it crash my browsers or anything at all that provided any information that I thought might be useful to the developers.