Some sites very slow

In comparison with other browsers, including Dragon, IceDragon is very slow with some sites, particularly Google Maps and Bing. Zooming in often takes several seconds, and sometimes freezes completely. Any suggestions on remedies would be really appreciated.

Hi n01paranoid,
I have just been experimenting a bit and I am certain Comodo Secure DNS is causing lag in Google maps.
Try with malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS) disabled and see if that helps.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t use Comodo DNS. Instead I use Norton ConnectSafe DNS.

PS - I think I may have found what’s causing the problem. I disabled each of my add ons in turn, and it seems the slow down is being caused by Ghostery (although even with Ghostery disabled Google Maps street view is still quite jerky though compared with Dragon). The reason why I don’t have the problem in Dragon is because I use your new privalert instead.

Has anyone else had this problem with Ghostery and CID? It’s a shame because I think it’s a very good add on, way better than Do Not Track Plus. Are there any alternatives that don’t cause a slow down?

Thanks for posting back.
This may or may not help it depends on your systems graphics. try enabling use hardware acceleration when available found under browsing in advanced options, general.

Also Privalert is intended to be added in the next release of CID if that is of any help.

I tried enabling/disabling hardware acceleration but no difference. I also checked that Flash Player is up to date. I’ll wait till privalert is added to CID and then uninstall Ghostery :-TU.