Some rules don't work[closed]

I set a rule , at the beginning it really works , but after sometime it doesn’t work anymore . I find a rule often doesn’t work if it includes “*” or “?” .

Another problem , I find a function never works . The function is “Application–Process access rights–Protected files/folders–Blocked files/folders” . “Storm.exe” is a media player , and my films are in F:\ . I set a rule showed in “2.jpg” , but I still can use “Storm.exe” to open the films in F:\ . If I don’t use “*” in the rule , and I use a file path , it also doesn’t work . Maybe application’s “Blocked registery key” is same .

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I have this same issue with the rules. After some time, some rules seem to be ignored. They are in there and I can verify that access should be allowed or blocked, but comodo asks me anyway. The only fix I can find is to uninstall comodo and reinstall it. This is not cool as I lose my rules and have to start over >:(

Any ideas?