Some questions

I want to go to the CIS with Avira Free. I have questions. Firstly, can the Comodo Antivirus treated? Secondly, if he has any scanner flash memory (or how to overcome the virus autorun.inf)? Third, if the database is updated on the weekends? ???

I am not quite sure what you mean.
Treated, do you mean disabled? If so then the answer is it can.
Comodo should pick up anything running on autorun.inf with defence+
I don’t use comodo’s antivirus myself but I’m pretty sure that someone’s pushing out signatures on the weekends.
If you mean Avira then I know that updates happen at least once a day no matter what day it is.
You cannot run both CIS and Avira’s AV at the same time on real time.

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Don’t take this wrong but your two first questions are hard to understand so I will answer as I understand them.

Comodo updates regularly even during the weekend. CAV will scan everything that’s on a flash memory (if you scan with it, it will tell you if malware is found) and d+ will give an alert if something is trying to run. Since you intend to use Avira as you primary AV I recommend you to add it in Exclusions in detect shellcode injections in d+ settings and disable CAV’s realtime.

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Just to verify everyone’s statement,

CIS Scan’s the Disk’s and Memory; Thus a new flash drive is plugged into the system, and you navigate through the flash drive, and CAV Will do the same
It’s not recommended to have 2 AV’s running at the same time thus if you have Avira Free AV; then I would just install CFW (Comodo Firewall) and no the AV Component
Unless of course you want to use either one of them as on-demand scanners
Also; I would add avira to exclusions to Image Execution Control

CAV updates every 30 minutes I believe it is (If not then it’s shorter)

Hope this helps

My knowledge of English is very modest, so using Google Translate :'(. Thank you for your help. :-TU