Some questions.

Hello Comodo, it’s me Royce again with some questions.

Firstly what is the ToS usage for the CDS soon to be TM? I work for local county government in which we teach computer literacy to students of all ages (mainly the adult sector) free of charge and we have installed deep freeze software that’s like CDS. Is this for personal and home use only or can it be installed for business use? I ask as our funding for the 2009 year is very slim; if not free what are some estimated price ranges? To find more info about my organization you can visit the website .

Secondly, the beta review has … (NEW! Session Saving: CDS now allows administrators to save the sessions
NEW! Virtual Drives: You can define a virtual drive in which all the data will persist after a reboot). With our computers we have to do a massive update about every 3+ months for window components, flash (for the kids to play games and such), java, … and the list goes on. What is frustrating about our current software is that our sys admin. needs to come in to the lab and physically disable the deep freeze, update each computer, than re-enable deep freeze. Would the pre-mentioned updates allow for us to do the same thing via remote control?

Thirdly and lastly. If there is a way to do remote control, would/could this software be enabled for a push to update like configuration where the sys admin. could update a given number of pcs at a time via remote control?

Alot of questions I know and I apologize but I’m the biggest fan of Comodo thus far and would love to promote even more this company and it’s products and need to see what is and isn’t possible :). Thank you for all you do and keep up the great work.

I don’t mean to bump this thread but after 4 months of appreciated concern (the sarcasm is 50/50 here) could maybe i get a response or do i need to pm a direct mod?

I do not mean to frustrate you but look at my perspective for 20 min please!

In the end I work with 30 computers + per lab and currently we have 3 labs soon to grow to 4+. I really hope I can get some viable feed back to help Comodo with our Anti-Malware/Layered Security Software.