Some questions about CPM...


i searched a long time for a software that isnt only checking a software while installing but even checking all changes while this installed software is running. So i found CPM because i have read that CPM is monitoring every change a software is doing through its lifetime. Even riva uninstaller only deinstalls normally and then searches for remaining files. While CPM KNOWS what files are created through lifetime…

But im not so sure anymore if thats really true. CPM sounds like the ideal Uninstaller though its nearly not to be found in any list of uninstallers. Clearly marketing fail i think.

Is CPM monitoring the softwares at all still?

Im doubting because i read here in forum of disabled db watcher or so. And i created a new OS on my notebook. The first thing i installed was CPM. And every software i installed was installed through CPM… and CPM claimed that it monitored everything… unfortunately… only one third of these softwares are shown as monitored now in the list… im not sure what i should think about this.

I think this software has great potential when it would be put in the line with others of its kind. But at the moment im a bit unsure if it really does what i have read in articles about it.

I mean this article by the way: Monitor changes made during software installation and cleanly uninstall programs with Comodo Programs Manager | dotTech


CPM needs to be updated, but Comodo doesn’t seem to be interested in doing it. Only time will tell whether CPM gets the updates it needs or is thrown into the waste bin of discontinued products. It’s a good program and it certainly deserves more than it’s been given.

I dont understand why this software is never ever listed with other uninstallers. I mean if it would work this software has a genuine advantage because it “knows” what files to delete instead guessing and searching them. Its a pity that comodo missed that opportunity and now thinks the software is useless. I think the marketing guy had to move.

I dont see an alternative though. All other uninstallers only use the normal deinstallroutine and no one checks a software over lifetime if it creates more files while running.

I saw CPM listed on Tom’s Hardware with other uninstallers.

But this is happening very seldom. I believe mostly because comodo isnt marketing CPM as a uninstaller. If it would it would be way more famous than riva uninstaller and similar that are on top of free uninstallers now. I had to search a long time for an uninstaller that monitors an installation even while running the software. I had to get a tip for this because its nowhere mentioned.

I think if comodo would change this and the software gets more known the development could move on too… i would like to see this.