Some question regarding the new CFP v3 with Avast webshield

First thing, when using v2.4, with rules like tcp/udp allowed for webshield, IE & Firefox rule were set as TCP/UDP Ask, every time when launching firefox/IE, the firewall will alert me on the attempted connection by IE/Firefox.
In v3, same rules were set -webshield set as allowed for tcp/udp connection, ie/firefox set as ask for permission. The problem is every time when i launch ie/firefox it didn’t ask for permission instead it proceed to connect to the internet.
When i set webshield to ask for permission and IE/Firefox also ask for permission, webshield will only ask for permission the first time i launch webbroswer , after that after i close the web broswer and launch it again, it goes directly to internet without asking for permission.
Any body know how to set the correct rules in v3 to allow webshield connection but firefox and ie need to ask for permission whenever i launch it. Wonder if this is a bug in V3 or it work completely different from previous version.Help needed thanks