Some programs don't run

Hi all.
Sometimes I can’t start certain programs from Virtual Desktop or in the Sandbox. Today another case occurred.

  • the installation file is free from infections
  • it’s classified as “Safe”
  • all new unknown files are allowed to run as virtualized

So everything should run flawlessly. Instead I always get an error. It says roughly:

“It’s impossible to run a file in the temporary folder. Installation annulled.
Error 14001: it’s impossible to start the specified application. Configuration of the application is not correct. A new installation of the application could solve the problem”.

What’s the solution?

You might want to familiarize yourself with the following CIS v7.0 on-line Help items related to your issue:

Opening Files and Running Applications inside the Virtual Desktop


Configure the Sandbox

It might be that not all the resources that the executable requires are available. I’m uncertain what limitations there are respecting either the Virtual Desktop or the Sandbox pertaining to installation of applications. I believe that constraints on the Sandbox may be less accommodating concerning installation of applications than the Virtual Desktop. That notwithstanding, configuration parameters are shared / similar.

To facilitate installation of applications such that they’ll run will necessitate virtualizing as much as possible within the limitations of CIS.