Some optimisation suggestion


Let’s start with the most irritating, why do I have to purge the PENDING list and isn’t there an auto purge option. Same with the Windows Recycle bin, I am purging files TWICE, so please

Option A) An auto purge option
Option B) An exclude directory file option or provide an always trust option in the MY SAFE LIST portion of D+

B is for the recycle bin and the ever appearing dll’s of AVAST.


Yeah, would like that too, My Pending Files can be a really pain sometimes.

Likewise.That is the reason why i have reverted to v.2.4

I thought about both options

, but never bothered to post.

I hope you don’t mind me adding the descriptions to the poll 8)

As far I can see My Pending File will be the next upgrade, there is a lot of users who has complaints about My Pending Files, and I added a similar post 2 days ago, so I thank to the developer team and moderators to let us express our opinions and make polls (that is a good feedback) and make suggestions. Even its bugs I like CPF, its a great Firewall


(V) (B) (R) :Beer