Some New Ideas :)

An internal module in CIS able to update the definitions of how Avast performs “Streaming Updates.” This would ensure greater protection against zero-day threats and response.

I think the site ( should be updated and integrated into a new mechanism that allows the construction of a type Antimalware Network, where users of the CIS share information about their actions and files.

Firewall could display real-time information about decisions of known files and suggest actions based on cloud. :P0l

A new area on the site where we could find information about recent discoveries of malware, blog updates, an area to send suspicious files through a friendly page, similar to VirusTotal for novice users.

Why the page of Comodo Anti-Malware Database so hidden?
I think that would be a good idea to leave it visible and add all the information in a “COMODO LABS area” on the site?

Thanks for offering a product of superior quality as the CIS 7 is today. :slight_smile:


Currently CIS uses cloud based lookups in real time and if ran file is NEW and NEVER seen, it’s uploaded to backend infrastructure.
On FileIntelligence page you can search ANY file you want in the Comodo’s DB via the SHA-1 value of given files.
If a file is not in the DB, running it will automatically send it or you can do it manually via -
But I got your point. A more detailed page like this one should be great -

Yes, spywar like this :slight_smile:

  1. I believe that some adjustments and improvements in CIS can make it stronger and more powerful every day against both zero-day threats and correction of potential exploits in the program.
    Case 1:
    In Online Armor Firewall, components are constantly being updated and is virtually connected to an Antimalware Network. I think it is a good idea to invest in infrastructure as well.
    Case 2:
    CIS blocks suspicious activity to a file OpenCandy installer (file tmp). The OA Firewall can also block, but he’s already on the alert which identifies the name of threat and signals the user to block the activity.

  2. Develop an area on the site, as would be much easier to find information and interact with sections that I mentioned.

I believe that certain innovations bring returns for both the internal organization as recognition of the security market. :slight_smile:

Thanks spywar for the information about Comodo Instant Malware Analysis.

+1 ;D