Some moderetors must get their acts together!


re: this case

No, I’m not going to send you any PM

You edited the post (again!) by another moderator, who is well respected here & closed the thread (again!)

You edited my post, the way nobody can get any sense out of it now. The latter seems less important, but anyway - disgusting!

More over, while I was typing this I cannot see my post (neither the initial nor the edited one) at all any more. How nice fanboy ???!!!

The same apply to another thread by brucine , where you edited the post by the moderator without even consulting with him (I’m sure), who just posted the remark and then you closed the case that should not be closed by any means… well now it’s edited again, but previously you stated that you are locking the case

Have you noticed that I did not reply to your PM that time?
So why would I even consider doing this now? Ha???!!

As I said - you are getting ugly & completely out of touch, fanboy!

Please have your pencil and notebook ready. One more time - “Siber” not Syber"

[at] all,

If you have a disagreement with a mod or a member, please use the REPORT TO MODERATOR button or PM an online mod (providing it’s not the one you’re at odds with).

[ay] Jay and Siber,
Read your ■■■ and consider that I was making suggestions to reduce the apparent friction. When you’re done, re-read them - most particularly my suggestion that this be taken off forum.

[at] all,

The deleted and edited posts are being recovered and will be appended to the original post. Hopefully, inserting these in the order they were created, edited, replied to and modified will make the participants happy.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. I am locking this topic because I don’t believe any good can come of leaving it open. If you disagree, please feel free to contact me by PM.