Some ideas...

When Defense + detected some suspicious behavior and this app want to connect to Internet it alerts that it’s dangerous etc.

1.We can click block or allow but the process still running in memory :frowning: Still infected our computer. It should be options in this alert “terminate this app” or something IMHO.
It will be very useful and great solution.

2.Some marker/edge that show you programs which are running in sandbox.
It can be very great idea i think, because now there are many mistakes whether it is in the sandbox or not.
For example :

3.Antikeylogger solutions
Comodo gives you alert when some app want to make a screenshots, use microphone or camera.
You can block this app, terminate and other :).
4.Alert when app want to go into full screen mode. I have seen a lot of viruses that go into full screen mode, and i must restart the computer .

Sorry for my language :slight_smile: I hope you will undestand me :P.

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@ 1 press block, it terminate process -,-

even in the firewall alert?

5.Settings like this:

It will be very useful in On-line games for example :slight_smile:

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Some better example for idea 1.

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  1. When " Treat unrecognized files as…Blocked" is set, there is no sandbox pop-up alert.
    This is the safest option when it comes to blocking malware but is not user-friendly for legitimate files.
    Maybe it would be better to enable sandbox pop-up alert and give user the possibility to choose “Don’t isolate it again”?

  2. New entries in Context menu (right click on file) that says something like “Add to Comodo Trusted files” and “Add to Comodo Blocked files”…similar to DefenseWall and GeSWall…it’s faster and more convenient then going through GUI options.

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already suggested in several occasions …

personally , I’m looking forward to seeing this small additional option that will help increasing the usability of the product



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When app delete itself(typycial malicious behavior - malware want to hide from user) alert from behavior blocker.


Something that can really help. Of course it shouldn’t alert for trusted programs.

Absolutely necessary.

+1, +1, +1 to miloszcz’ post #1 and Chiron’s post #9. All would be beneficial.

You know what i mean?
About sandbox, 2 vers:

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