Some fonts do not display correctly


Problem on the font with some website.

My version is 76.0.3809.100 (32 bits)

For example: Envoi de colis - Simple & Pas cher - Mondial Relay

Hey, magneto. Thanks for the feedback. Could you give us more info, like does it always look like that when you enter the website or only sometimes? Also, the browser window is in full size or is resized? What windows do you use? And last, does it happen on other websites too? If yes, could you give more examples?

I tried to reproduce the bug you reported but on my part, the fonts look good. In the image attached you can see how it looks on my side.

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I will try to answer all your questions.
The problem is repetitive on the same sites. The problem is not frequent. Small sites are impacted.
I tried with other browsers, without problems.
The browser window is full size.
I use win 7 Pro 64Bits.

As soon as I meet other sites with this phenomenon, I’ll post it here

Hey magneto. Thanks for the answers. We just released a new version and tested the fonts on that site on win 7 pro 64b and now it seems to look good. If you encounter this issue again please notify us. Also, as a last resort on this problem, in case it reappears, you can change the fonts from chrome://settings/fonts?search=fonts on customise fonts → on Font size, lower the value to 13.

Thanks again for the feedback.



Thank you for your answers.
I installed the latest version v76.0.3809.132. The problem is the same on the same sites. It does not matter, because the phenomenon is rare and when that happens, I switch to another browser.

I did not find the location chrome: // settings / fonts? Search = fonts on customize fonts → on Font size, lower the value to 13.

type chrome://settings/appearance in the address bar then go to Customise fonts and on the first option Font size set the size to 13. Remark: if you use this solution, the font on all sites will be 13.

Also, could you tell us what resolution are you using and what is the resolution of your monitor?